Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Delay for fun be investment

Today I want to discuss about one of the interesting research conducted abroad. In this research, collected in a number of small children in one room. Every child in a chocolate candy and given two options. The children can directly eat candy or chocolate are waiting for 30 minutes. For those who are willing to wait up to 30 minutes will be given two chocolate candy. Results of research showed that some children are willing to wait to get two chocolate candy. And research continue on for the next 30 years see the situation of children who eat candy chocolate directly or wait 30 minutes. In fact, the interest here are children who are willing to wait for the quality of life has better. They graduate with a higher value, become a better employee, or a businessman who more successful. To note from this research is the ability of children to suspend their enjoyment. We all know children certainly love chocolate candy. Here they must hold their desire to eat candy for 30 minutes to get one extra candy. What about you? Say you get fortune money, such as bonus end of the year, of 10 million. What will you do? Do you live, shop and spend all the 10 million? Or you can withhold fun, and invested 10 million is? Say the fund to put mutual fund shares with an average 18% return per year. The money will be 20 million within 4 years. Here the ability to pause a fun when big.if you can not hold the desire to shop, then in the whole money will be exhausted. Moreover, people tend to shop more than a get him. Please note that in the financial management of private correct, we must save at least 10% of the money that we get to money saving or invested. Deep cases above, we must be able to eliminate at least one million rupiah to money saving. So, before we shop, separate between what including the need for, and what you desire, including. We can buy the goods that we really need. However, be delay as much as possible the purchase of goods only to fun. Thus, we can get more money that we can invest.

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