Friday, May 15, 2009

New Year's Resolution

New year is near. We all are preparing for held. You may even already have a plan special where you will celebrate the New Year.

Do not forget, in each new year we make we wish list for next year.
List of things that we want is what is called with New Year's Resolution. Here are 9 New Year's Resolution of the most popular:
1. Provide more time for family or friends.
2. Reduce body weight.
3. Stop smoking.
4. Enjoy life more.
5. Free from entanglement debt.
6. Holidays to the outside of the city.
7. Saving money for the future.
8. Help others.
9. Learn new things.

Remember that in menuntukan desire, we must be SMART.
Here are a continuation of the SMART-based Tung Desem
- Specific, we must make out the details of the desire
   us. Suppose you want to vacation outside the city, you must
   can already imagine the city to where you want,
   where you will stay, what places are
   akan your visit.
- Measureable, the desire must be measured. Suppose you
   want to provide more time for family or friends,
   You must be able to indicate how much time. As
   example 2 hours per day.
- Antusiasable, must remain the spirit of the desire to achieve.
   Do not desire it, so not too big in spirit
   achieving, or not too small to be considered
   trivial. Suppose your income is still not enough to
   to finance a holiday abroad, do not target goals
   holiday abroad. Cost of your holiday will be a burden,
   so you will lose the enthusiasm in the desire to reach.
- Result-Oriented, focus your attention on what you want
   You tired. Process or how to achieve can be arranged
- Time-Framed, there must be a period of time when we will reach
   our goal.

Well, we wish to realize, of course we need
plan. Financial side also not apart of the plan akan
us. Suppose you want to vacation outside the city. First -
You must first determine the location that you want to thrust. Suppose
You just want to Bali. Then you specify the type of
transportation, such as a plane. Also continue to set
the hotel where you stay, how long you are in Bali, and
recreational places anywhere that you want to visit. Details of
You plan, you can determine the estimated cost for
your holiday, for example:
- Aircraft traveling                :Rp. 1.400.000, --
- Hotel for 3 days                  : Rp. 1.500.000, --
- Eat 3 hours Cost                 : Rp. 300.000, --
- Entrance where recreation : Rp. 150.000, --
- Other Cost                           : Rp. 500.000, --
-------------------------------------------------- --------
                              Total: Rp. 3,850,000, --

As mentioned previously, the desire we have toTime-Framed given time period or the implementation. Suppose only You want to do your holiday in July 2010.
This means you have 7 days to prepare the charges.Divide the total estimated cost of 7, you will get Rp number. 550.000, -. Within 7 days ahead, you must save as much as Rp. 550.000, - per month to pay for your holiday.

If I may suggest, you should learn personal finance to help you achieve New Year's Resolution. For, without strong support from financial side, you will be difficulties in the process of achieving financial You. In the next article I will discuss about the finance for each new year resolution.

Friday, May 8, 2009

plan your day old

Today I want to invite you to imagine how you are going to day-to-day in the later period of retirement. How do you shape a house to live in of life later? Whether the home is quite simple in the environment rural areas far from city pollution? Or want a large home that can accommodate children and grandchildren and located in close relatives? How do the lifestyle you want? Do you want to spend the time to hobbies such as fishing, gardening, golf, and others? Or you like walking to overseas? Or you want to spend time together family, want to play with grandchildren, and grandchildren who are still small? However the life you want would be much better if you are self - financially. This means you have money enough to pay for life itself, does not depend to the child, or other parties. where is earnings which you can use to pay for the life you want later in old age? Assuming you already does not work anymore, so there is no revenue from the salary again. The only one that you can later andalkan is your old age savings. Savings that your save it's month in the youth, the aim is to be in the later retirement. For that you need a financial plan. Financial plan for old age. In this plan, how you calculate the cost that will be needed for life in the old days later, and multiplied by the inflation factor. After that you choose a product investment is in accordance with your personality. With the estimated size of the return of the investment, and how many years the time period that can be used to invest, you can estimate how many the amount of money that needs to be each month for later old age. Suppose now Tono was only 45 years old, and want pension at the age of 55 years. With an estimated life Tono want a future, Tono akan costs Rp. 3.000.000, - per month. With estimates inflation factor of 10% per year, at the age of 55 years Tono will later need the money of Rp. 7,781,227, -- per month. Tono live with estimates up to age 75 years, the total amount of money that is needed in the Tono parents throughout the day is 20 x 12 x Rp. 7,781,227, -- or Rp. 1867494480. This means that in 10 years, must invest Tono money to reach the amount of Rp. 1867494480, - so that can live in accordance with the lifestyle he wanted. To achieve this, Tono invest in mutual funds shares with an average 20% return per year. Now, with the financial calculator, Tono can take into account that the amount that will need to invest each month is Rp. 1238170, -. With money invested Rp. 1,238,170, - per month, then at the age of 55 years later can retire with Tono lifestyle of interest. The money invested in this later period will be equal to Rp. 7,781,227, - each month to pay for cost of living Tono. What about you, you? Are you financial plan is to retire later in the period. When has not been, flee your plan now. you can learn about how to create a plan financial books of guidelines to manage personal finances. financial plan experts always say that in financial planning, time is our friend. The fast we create a financial plan, so much time available to develop the value of our investment, until eventually the small price that we need to pay to implement plan. Head to plan your day old, starting from now!